Welcome to Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Las Vegas! It is our hope that you will find St. Thomas to be your worship home as you seek God's way for your life. We have a wide variety of opportunities for worship, service, education and community available for each of us to enjoy and to share our time and talents in the service of our brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus the Lord.

I feel confident that you will find in our parish the same gracious hospitality and sense of inclusion that so many of us new to St. Thomas have experienced in the past. Join us! You will feel welcomed at St. Thomas.

Father Brian Spencer, Pastor

(702) 655-5840
[email protected]

Mass Times

Saturday 5:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM
Wednesday 9:00 AM
Schedule your Wedding or Quinceanera Today!

Schedule your Wedding or Quinceanera Tod ....

Call our Church Office at 702-655-5480 or email [email protected] today for information or to schedule your Wedding or Quinceanera! We also have a social hall available for receptions and a beautiful back yard with gazebo for outdoor receptions and pictures.  ......... more »

You will feel welcomed at St. Thomas.

Our church is theologically open. All men and women of faith in Jesus Christ are welcomed to participation and membership and invited to receive the sacraments. All ranks of the clergy are open to men and women, single and married.   There are no barriers to the reception of the Sacraments on the basis not only of gender but also of age, race, marital status, ethnic background, lifestyle, or physical disability. We seek to embrace and to reconc......... more »

You will feel welcomed at St. Thomas.
Our Faith – Anchored in Scripture & Creeds

Our Faith - Anchored in Scripture & ....

What we believe and teach is based on Sacred Scripture and the belief definitions of the seven Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Faith that were held before the Great Schism of 1054. As part of the independent catholic movement in America, the churches and other ministries of the Ecumenical Catholic Church+USA are in the Old Catholic Church tradition. The First Vatican Council in 1870 adopted the doctrine of Papal Infallibility. The Catholic......... more »